Usefull info

Where are we?

25 km north Nyköping, by E4, exit 135. One hour south Stockholm. Car navigator: Solbuska 1, 61199 Tystberga.


You can buy food in Tystberga, COOP,

2 km from us.

Opening hours

Weekdays till 8 pm./Weekends till 6 pm.

We also have a Pizzeria in Tystberga.

There are several restaurants in the area - reached by car.

Wi Fi: You have  free access to our WiFi when you stay here.


Most convenient is of course to have a car but there are buses. The buses are not very frequent. Seach for timetable at the page RESEPLANERAREN at

You can also call customer service at +46 (0)771-22 40 00.

We can pick you up at bus stop after request!

Tourist information: 

We like to help our guests as much as we can, with practical and tourist information.

Other questions?  Contact us!